Once upon a time


By Vicky Tremblay

A French storyteller, Frederic Calnes, took me to dreamland today with his inspiring forest tale. With a legend, he addressed the issue of forestry in developing countries and indigenous peoples concerns. He talked about the importance of acting in relationship with native peoples about the forest we want to exploit. He discussed that while indigenous people are ready to work in tandem with the forest exploiter, it is necessary to enter the situation with good communication, respect and a good attitude. I enjoyed the way he vulgarized forest exploitation and the social acceptability of it. For me, it is a perfect way to communicate to non-forester public the purpose of forestry; and to foresters the importance of having good relations with the habitants of the land.

I also attended a presentation at the Indonesian pavilon about youth and environmental implications in their communities. Two young kids, 11 and 13 years old , were there to talk about their environmental project. RJ aims to make his environment greener by collecting electronic waste in his city. He placed boxes at some stategic spots and handles the disposal of waste in an ecological way. This young man has even written a book about his project. I appreciated the concern of Indonesia to encourage the very young and support them in their projects.

Special mention to the Indian pavilon today that is using water to charm its visitors. They utilized water to send their message – it was entertaining, beautiful and very effective.

With that, dream well and see you soon!


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