Indigenous People Forum On Climate Change

   As people from different walks of life gathered in Morocco in the bid to committing to climate actions, indigenous people were not left out. It was interesting to know that indigenous people, though form relatively small community (5% of world’s population), cover a greater percentage of the world’s richest biodiversity (80%). I was privy … Continue reading Indigenous People Forum On Climate Change


Future Visions

Today was our first day at COP22 in Marrakech. After a short orientation phase we dove right into our first session. Luckily today was “education day” so we could gain a lot of knowledge relevant to IFSA's vision. Hearing all of the different aspects of environmental protection and restoration you come to think about what … Continue reading Future Visions

The Melting Arctic

By Charlotte Ross-Harris While you hear numerous snippets about the warming of the Arctic, it seems so far away and uninhabited, so is easy to forget. It wasn’t until NASA displayed some futuristic images of global atmospheric conditions that the problem became oh so real. The Arctic region is experiencing approximately double the amount of … Continue reading The Melting Arctic

New Energy Realities: Building A Resilient And Low-Carbon Future by Samuel –

Today has been my first experience at COP22 and I’m really excited to join my colleagues: Charlotte, Vicky and Jennifer after scaling over some challenges that delayed me at home. I must admit COP22 holds a lot of interesting but insightful and educative sessions to its participants. Being fortunate to observe the incredible discussions on … Continue reading New Energy Realities: Building A Resilient And Low-Carbon Future by Samuel –